About The Mission

Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization that raises funds and awareness to clear unexploded ordinance, UXO, from Afghanistan, Israel/West Bank, Croatia, Angola, Cambodia, Iraq, Vietnam and the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization was started in 1996 by Marin County, California resident Heidi Kuhn in her home. When the UXO is cleared, Roots of Peace, using funds from public and private sector donors, helps local farmers reclaim the land and plant profitable crops. Roots of Peace trains farmers in cultivation techniques and teaches them to train others. In Vietnam, farmers are encouraged to plant black pepper, which is ten times more profitable than the traditional cassava.

This trip begins in Hanoi with meetings with Vietnamese government officials to raise money and to get permission to work in the country. Heidi’s son Tucker Kuhn spearheads Roots of Peace’s mission in Vietnam. After all the meetings, luncheons and an appearance on Vietnam TV, she departs for Quang Tri Province to visit with farmers and victims of UXO explosions and Agent Orange,  the legacies of the war.

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